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Since almost all of you probably know me from my gig running Herman Cain’s web site and various other media ventures, I should probably introduce the rest of myself. Let me start by throwing you a curveball:

I don’t like politics.

Yeah, I know, I write about it multiple times a day on Herman’s site. I’m not saying I don’t care about the things I write about there. I do. But I really don’t find the whole thing all that interesting or thought-provoking. I’ll never be a “political junkie,” whatever that even means. In my private moments when left to my own devices, my mind doesn’t wander to thoughts of tax cuts, election polls or floor votes in Congress.

And frankly, if yours does, I wonder about you. But to each his own. Or her own.

I’m much more interested in our culture, and in the spiritual underpinnings of it. That overlays politics, but to my mind the cultural trumps the political because the former drives the latter.

I’m interested in how cultural mores affect individuals’ lives at the personal level, and I want to explore that. I’m allowed to do it on Herman’s site, and often I do, but it makes more sense to me to have a place of my own where I’m not just self-indulging at the expense of Herman’s web revenues.

I’m a Christian. If you read my columns at all, you know that. And to me there’s really not a distinction between commenting on culture and commenting on faith. The two are inexorably linked, and I tend to think the faith world knows too little about the culture, while the cultural drivers are generally pretty clueless about faith – whether because of hostility or mere indifference.

I want this site to help people know God better, and to recognize how the things around them, or in their own lives, that they’re already paying attention to have real spiritual implications. I want to help people understand those things.

I’m not a pastor, but I’ve spend years leading Bible study groups and exploring the Bible’s true meaning. And let’s face it, often you get two pastors who opine on the same subject and don’t agree. So if my thoughts impress you, it will have to be because of the strength of the case I make, not because of credentials per se.

Oh, there’s a business imperative here. It’s how we’ll pay the bills. See this ad?

If you click it, you can buy my books. I’ve written four of them. They’re Christian spiritual warfare novels written between 2009 and 2016. They’re very different as Christian fiction goes, and that’s probably about all I should say about that. Clicking the ad takes you to a page where you can learn a lot more, and where you can buy the books in hard copy or as e-books. That’s how this site will make money, so if you want to read really good fiction, you might as well spend your dollars here.

Oh, I forgot: Some of what interests me is really weird. It may wig you out. I’m going to talk about it anyway. I think you’ll be fine.

Don’t forget to buy books! They’re freaky good!



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