Mike Pence offers kindness to a gay man on Twitter . . . since it’s Twitter, you can probably guess how that went

If there’s a proxy for Hell on Earth, I’m thinking Twitter has to be it. I’ve always figured Hell’s defining characteristic would be the complete absence of any love, virtue or goodness – since all that comes from God, and Hell is the one place where you’re separated from Him completely.

If that doesn’t sound like Twitter to a T, I don’t know what does. Although in fairness to Twitter, all it does is reflect the current state of the culture. When everyone who disagrees with you must become an enemy targeted for scorn and mockery – since only those who think like us are worthy of even basic humanity – all Twitter does is give voice to this rot.

Mike Pence’s current sin against all things is that he embraces the biblical definition of marriage, which doesn’t leave room for two dudes being each other’s husbands. In the parlance of the current culture, if you disagree with me or would say no to anything I want, you hate me, you are vile and you cannot even be afforded the most minimal decency as a human being.

I wrote over on Herman’s site some weeks back about the hissy fit by gay Olympic athlete Adam Rippon, who is upset that Pence is leading the Olympic delegation, and won’t even accept the vice president’s invitation to sit down and talk.

I guess Pence is determined to convince Rippon he does not hate him and doesn’t wish him ill in any way, because he took to Twitter to express this sentiment:

Now, like I said, it’s Twitter, so no one should be surprised what the swine did with Pence’s pearls:

There’s lots more in that vein, but I think these make the point.

Now look, no one is saying Pence supports their agenda. He doesn’t. Neither do I, because it’s contrary to the Bible.

The problem is that these people have imposed a standard that requires everyone to support their agenda or be treated like complete dog dung.

I can disagree with something you believe, or not support your desire to have a certain thing, but that doesn’t mean I hate you. It doesn’t mean I wish you ill. It doesn’t mean I wouldn’t have your back in other ways.

It just means that on this point we disagree.

The point Pence was trying to make with his post is that, despite disagreeing on this one issue, he is rooting for Rippon’s success and wants good things for him. That is a perfectly loving way to say, look, just because we don’t agree on everything doesn’t mean we have to be enemies.

But Rippon and his Twitter allies don’t see it that way. They can’t disagree in a civilized manner because their god is their flesh, and anyone who would deny them an indulgence of the flesh is blaspheming their god.

That’s why they see disagreement as hate. The sexual indulgences they seek are the most important thing in the world to them. It’s what they worship.

Followers of Christ understand that God offers us much greater blessings, which He releases as we come into obedience to Him. The world has no interest in waiting on God. It wants what it wants now, and it will destroy you if you disagree with that insatiable demand.

And Twitter is the church of this religion, which is why you’re better off anywhere but there.

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