I wrote an e-mail to a fellow Christian and did not sign it “In Christ” or “In Him” . . . now what?

I didn’t even say “in His service” or “Praise be unto him” or anything like that. Dude. I just put my name.

I guess I need to know if we’re going to be OK.

Now seriously, there’s nothing wrong with anyone doing things like that out of a sincere desire to give glory to Jesus. If you want to sign an e-mail or a letter (do people still write those?) in that manner because that’s in your heart, then by all means, sign it like that.

I’m thrilled that you love Christ and want to express it.

But I do have to ask this question:

How much do we Christians do things like that just for the consumption of other Christians?

If I just sign an e-mail “Dan”, but it follows a wonderful discussion in which both of us were giving glory to Christ in a variety of ways, I didn’t just invalidate the whole thing by using a simple e-mail signature without any heavenly expressions, did I?

I’m pretty sure my friend knows my heart, and more importantly, I know for sure that Christ knows it.

I do have a serious question here: How many things do we Christians do – whether for the consumption of other Christians or for the world – that are really just playacting the faith rather than sincerely living it?

Again, I’m not saying everyone who signs their name this way does that. But if I had signed my name that way, it would have been playacting. This guy is a very faithful Christian and I can’t send him an e-mail that isn’t signed with “In Him” or something like that.

That would have been my only reason for doing it, so I refrained from doing it.

Can you think of other examples? And if we do these things, are we really just trying to sell our righteousness rather than truly surrender our hearts?

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