For first time in human history, one dude has impregnated another dude (unless HuffPo missed something)

It seems like this should be a bigger story. According to the Huffington Post, which would surely not fumble a detail or intentionally leave something out, either Tom Daley or Dustin Lance Black has managed to impregnate the other.

Dude knocks up dude. Gosh, how is this not bigger news?

Congratulations are in order for British Olympic diver Tom Daley and Academy Award-winning screenwriter Dustin Lance Black.

The couple announced they are expecting their first child together on Wednesday. Each shared photos of themselves on their separate social media accounts holding up the same ultrasound photo.

“Happy Valentine’s Day,” Daley wrote in the caption, while Black added, “A Happy Valentine’s Day from ours to yours.”

Both complimented their posts with a same-sex family emoji just in case the message wasn’t clear.

Feel free to read the entire story, if you really want, for any reference whatsoever to the fact that two men can’t biologically conceive a child together, and that somewhere in this whole equation there must be a woman with ovaries and a uterus who is actually carrying this child, and is in fact the child’s mother.

Search furthermore for the fact that, while you can co-mingle the sperm of two different men when artificially inseminating a woman – if that’s what you really want to do – the fact of the matter is that sperm from only one of the men will actually impregnate the mother, and that a simple DNA test would easily reveal which of the two is the actual father.

In other words, no, Tom Daley and Dustin Lance Black are not expecting a child together. They are not going to be parents. One will be a father and the other will be the live-in homosexual lover of the father. Somewhere, there is a woman who is the child’s mother, who may or may not have any role in the child’s life.

You know all this, of course. Everyone does. No one is stupid enough to think two men can actually conceive a child through gay sex. Actually I shouldn’t say that so definitively because every time I look at the Huffington Post I think you’d have to be pretty stupid to take any of it seriously, so maybe I’m overestimating some people.

The question, though, is why the HuffPo wrote this story as if none of this was true. And the answer is as obvious as the question.

HuffPo and similar voices of the secular left want to elevate every aspect of gay relationships to a co-equal footing with heterosexual relationships. Anything that provides evidence gay relationships cannot be everything heterosexual relationships can be must be either ignored or, as we see here, fictionalized so as to pretend they actually are the same.

Thus, you see two dudes holding a photo of a baby in the uterus, which is the same type of photo you see male/female couples display all the time. Except in the latter situation, we simply presume that baby is inside the uterus of the woman in the picture. If the baby wasn’t in that woman’s uterus, that would be an unusual twist to the story and it would be explained.

In this case, the fact that neither “parent” in the picture is carrying the baby is completely ignored, because to acknowledge it would be to acknowledge that this whole story is a fraud. These two guys are not having a baby together, because they can’t, because that’s impossible.

You know it. I know it. Huffington Post knows it. But it cannot be mentioned or acknowledged in any way, because the narrative demands we pretend there is no difference between gay couples and heterosexual couples.

So congratulations, I guess, to the father (whichever one he is) and to the mother (whoever she is). As for the other guy, er . . . you’re not a parent, but enjoy telling yourself otherwise if you prefer that to reality.

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