Court takes away Cincinnati parents’ custody of daughter because they oppose her ‘transition’ to a boy

PHOTO CREDIT: Todd Crusham via Flickr

I’m trying to picture this happening to any family when I was in my teen years in the ’80s:

A teen girl goes to her parents, claims to believe she’s actually a boy and wants to undergo an addadictomy. I’m not sure if the parents simply ground her for being an idiot or send her to someone who can help reintroduce her to reality.

What I’m sure would not have happened is this:

A 17-year-old Hamilton County boy (sic) who has spent more than a year fighting to be recognized by his family and the world as a boy finally has just that.

A ruling handed down Friday by Juvenile Court Judge Sylvia Sieve Hendon awards custody to the boy’s (sic) grandparents, with whom he currently lives and who have supported his gender transition.

On the other hand were his (sic) parents, who lawyers say insisted he (sic) receive Christian therapy rather than be allowed to pursue hormone replacement therapy (HRT) or sex reassignment.

The judge ruled the boy’s (sic) grandparents shall have the right to determine what medical care will be pursued at Cincinnati Children’s hospital with the caveat that a psychologist unaffiliated with the hospital shall first evaluate the teen to ensure consistency between the child’s gender presentation and feelings of nonconformity.

Understand, with all those sics, the media are choosing to refer to the girl as a boy because basically the entire MSM has now decided that as soon as you decide you’re not what your God-given equipment says you are, they’re immediately going to start feeding your delusion in their choice of pronouns to refer to you.

The 17-year-old in question is not a boy. It is a girl wanting to be a boy. That’s a her. That’s a she. No matter what she and the media want to be true.

I’m not really sure what the lawyers mean by “Christian therapy” the parents supposedly want. They’re probably just talking about getting counseling from their pastor so their daughter can break free of the delusion that she’s a boy – the very delusion the media, the culture and apparently her own grandparents are willing to encourage.

And apparently we’ve now reached the point both legally and culturally where, even though this girl is a minor, that’s enough to get a court to take away her parents’ rights.

It’s a cautionary tale if you care to pay attention. If your daughter thinks she’s a boy, and you think she’s not (or the other way around), you are no longer a fit parent and the legal system will take your child away from you.

Put this dress on, little boy . . .

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