Yes, it’s open season on Christians; no, putting a stop to the persecution should not be a goal

Jon Miller is right. It’s culturally acceptable to mock Christians and Jews – and no other religions – for their beliefs. It’s hypocritical. It’s dishonest. It’s ridiculous.

And yes, it’s correct and proper to point out how dishonest all this is, as he does so powerfully here:

You can’t argue with any of that, but I see a lot of Christians falling into a trap on this issue.

If we analyze the dishonesty of all this in order to accurately assess the spiritual darkness that pervades our culture, such that we can battle it with open eyes and a clear understanding of the world’s rebellion against God, good. We need to do that.

But too often in Miller’s analysis here, he seems to imply – as do those commenting about it on social media – that the objective of exposing all this should be to stop the persecution of Christians. If only Christians were treated with the same deference and respect as Muslims and whoever else, everything would be fine.

That is not what matters here.

Check 2 Timothy 3:12 for Paul’s clear warning to Christians of the persecution we should expect when we decide to submit our lives to Christ. It’s part of the bargain. We’ve set ourselves apart from the world in such a way that we lay bare the reality of the world’s sin. We should not expect the world to like it. We should not expect the enemy to refrain from provoking the lost to attack us.

And no one who understands the darkened status of our culture should be surprised that Christians get slammed on The View while the religion that spawned 9/11 can do no wrong.

Yet what Christians need to say in response to this is certainly not: “Stop persecuting us! It’s not fair!” What we need to do is proclaim the lordship of Jesus Christ that much more boldly and let it be known that gaining the approval of the world is not a priority for us.

I don’t have a problem with engaging these people and pointing out the wrongness of their statements. But the objective in doing that should be to take advantage of the fact that they raised the issue to tell the truth about  Christ, and about God’s Word, and about the spiritual realities that underpin Christianity. In that respect, the persecution of Christians is an opportunity, not a burden we should be seeking to be relieved of.

If they want to mock, we respond with the truth. We turn their attempt to hurt into a testimony.

So bring on the persecution, secular world. We welcome the conversation. And we hope you’re ready to handle the truth, because that’s what’s coming.

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