Bikers, this is what happens when you run from the police

If you’ve never seen it, I cannot recommend highly enough the show LivePD, which has new episodes every Friday and Saturday night from 9 p.m. to midnight.

(Angie and I are not part of the weekend bar crowd. We sit and watch the bar crowd get arrested, either on this show or from our balcony. Either is highly entertaining.)

Last night’s episode featured one of the more horrific things we’ve ever seen on live television – or anywhere else for that matter. In Springfield, Missouri, the Greene County Sheriff’s Department attempted to stop a motorcyclist, who was riding with his wife behind him on the bike. The biker decided to flee instead of stopping.

At first the chase was called off because the original reason for the stop was an invalid license plate, which was determined not to be sufficient to risk the public’s safety. But a few minutes later, the chase was back on, apparently because the Sheriff’s Department discovered there were other issues with this guy and he needed to be apprehended.

Once again, he tried to flee. That did not end well – for him or for his wife. The key moment happens shortly after the one-hour, three-minute mark:

That was just stunning. Angie and I immediately jumped up and fixated on the screen to make sure we’d seen what we thought we’d seen.

The driver and his wife both flipped high in the air. She actually flew farther than he did, and both landed hard on the pavement. Apparently his leg was broken. We didn’t hear a specific report about her injuries, but the general report we heard later was that both will live and will recover from their injuries.

(And yes, we did pray for them, even though it was impossible to have any sympathy for the guy.)

Where to start with this?

The guy appears to be about 20 years old, and it turns out his decision to run was driven in part by the fact that he’s on probation. For what? For fleeing from the cops on a motorcycle.

Yeah. This is at least the second time he’s done it.

He could have easily gotten his wife killed. Who knows how badly injured he’s caused her to be?

It’s amazing how often we see this happen on this show. And remember, the show is live. They don’t cherry-pick footage of chases assembled over the course of weeks. Typically they’re following six or seven departments live on a given evening, and the chases you see are all happening without that three-hour period.

Usually when someone flees, it turns out they had warrants, or they’ve got drugs in the car. They don’t think through that they’re going to end up going to jail anyway, and now they’re adding fleeing and eluding to what they’re already charged with.

I realize some cop-haters will try to blame the Sheriff’s Department for this. They’ll say the chase wasn’t necessary and if not for the decision to pursue, the crash never would have happened.


The guy who fled is 100 percent responsible for what happened – to him, to his wife and to the driver of the other car, who fortunately was not hurt. When the police pull you over, you stop. Period. I don’t care what your opinion is about their decision to stop you.

(Another issue is the fact that a lot of minorities have been convinced by the Colin Kaepernicks of the world that if the cops pull them over, they will shoot and kill them, and that prompts many of them to flee. That is a subject for another day.)

This chase could have ended peacefully at any moment by this guy simply coming to his senses. Instead, he and his wife got what he got.

If I was this guy’s father-in-law, I would beat the living daylights out of him.

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