You can breathe easy, friends . . . Mister Rogers was a Christian

I mean, sure, he was nice and beloved and all that. But how many people have we been able to say that about? Some people will tell you that “kindness” is all there is to their religious beliefs.

The guy did shill for PBS. Tell me you didn’t wonder, even a little.

I think we have our answer, and if you’re a Mister Rogers fan, you’re going to be happier than the Stephen Hawking fans:

There’s no doubt Rogers had the sort of gentle spirit we tend to associate with the light of Christ, and he was generally beloved across the ideological and philosophical spectrum.

Who didn’t watch him as a kid? Who didn’t plot their own kids down in front of him in the afternoon if they had kids while he was still around?

By the way, he’s been mentioned so much in the news lately, you could be forgiven for thinking he just died recently. Nope. He passed away in 2003 not long after this meeting with George W. Bush at the White House:

So depending on your reading of Revelation, he’s either been in Heaven for 15 years already, or he’ll be that much ahead of you and me in line when it’s time for all of us to go at once.

Ah, but that’s a post for another day. It’s good to know that when the new Heaven and the new Earth arrive, Mr. Rogers will have a neighborhood there. It would hardly seem right without him.

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