The demonic spirit of rage that drove school shooter Nikolas Cruz has turned up in someone else

This has got to be one of Satan’s all-time most spectacular operations. Not only is he getting mass murder, but he’s got Americans denigrating prayer while angrily scapegoating each other.

I hate to do this to David Hogg, because he’s a kid. But I’m not the one who’s deciding what this kid says is news. That train has left the station, and since you’re seeing him anyway, I want you to recognize what you’re really seeing.

The manifestation takes a different form, but the spirit here is exactly the same one that drove Nikolas Cruz to mass-murder his classmates. Hogg is driven by rage and clueless indignation. He doesn’t even really know what he wants, but he’s mad as hell and he’s going to scapegoat all the usual suspects. Marco Rubio. The NRA. Everyone who offers thoughts and prayers.

Two clips for you, first from the so-called “March for Our Lives” that took place yesterday:

Now, the second clip is from a few days ago. It’s an exclusive interview Hogg did with something called The Outline, and he’s even less restrained here in his assessments of . . . just about everyone:

A lot of people are saying how proud they are of their kids for “speaking out” or “standing up for themselves” or whatever by participating in this march. And if anyone criticizes them, they’re guilty of the dastardly evil of belittling young people who are trying to do something good.

Here’s the problem with that:

If kids want to speak out and you’re going to treat them as kids, that’s one thing. But that’s not what’s happening here. The pronouncements of these kids are being treated by political leaders and the news media as not only authoritative, but beyond criticism.

And David Hogg is being turned into a national celebrity who must be listened to, or else.

Yet what is the spirit of these rallies? It’s that gun control is self-evidently the answer to this problem, and if anyone argues otherwise, the marchers “call B.S.”

Now what does it mean when you “call B.S.” on someone? It means that not only do you not believe what the person is saying, but you don’t even think they really believe it. You think they’re knowingly spewing bullshit for some disingenuous reason.

In this case, the clear insinuation is that gun control opponents know perfectly well that gun control is the necessary and obvious answer to school shootings, but are nonetheless standing in the way to serve their NRA masters or whatever other nefarious agenda. Try to offer a thoughtful and substantive rejoinder to arguments in favor of gun control, they simply shut you down by “calling B.S.” You’re so clearly dishonest, it’s beneath them to even engage you in conversation.

What a huge win for Satan this is. The school shooters are out of their minds with rage, driven by everything from broken homes to the bullying and teasing of their classmates. It’s no excuse for mass murder, of course, but I’m not offering it as an excuse. I’m simply pointing to it as the source. They’ve had it, they’re not going to take it anymore, so they kill.

That’s an angry spirit, manifesting in a gigantic way.

Now we see that same spirit manifesting in the surviving students, who scapegoat not each other but politicians and an advocacy group that exists to protect a constitutional right. Hogg takes it even further with his indictments of “old-ass parents” and just about everyone he’s so convinced has intentionally refused to solve this problem.

To some degree this is what you’d expect from adolescents. They tend to think issues are simpler than they really are, and rather than learning more and gaining a better understanding of things that are complex, they scoff at the notion and ascribe dishonest motives to those with authority over them.

Last week they were calling B.S. on the school administrators who restrict their movements or give them detentions. Now they’re doing it to Marco Rubio, without really knowing his heart or trying to understand why he takes the position he takes.

In the meantime, don’t overlook the complete shutting out of prayer in this whole thing. Yes, I heard Hogg says “God bless you,” but I also heard him denigrate people who pray. That’s where this whole “calling B.S.” thing started, as an attack on those who offer thoughts and prayers because, according to the B.S. callers, that’s just an attempt to pretend you care when you really won’t do anything.

I’m proud of the young people who pray, who love, and who refrain from scapegoating out of the recognition that anger and rage are only fueling this problem, and that only Jesus Christ can really solve it. That happens, by the way, when people repent of their rage and come under His authority.

I’m going to pray for David Hogg, because while the spirit of rage that’s now in him has not yet manifested in another mass murder, his public displays of it are encouraging more young people to embrace that same rage.

If Hogg really wants to call on God’s blessings, he needs to stop scapegoating, stop venting his rage and join with others who love and who care – but may not agree with him – to bring forth the goodness that God planted in our hearts when He made us.

Sadly, nothing that happened at the March For Our Lives served that objective.

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