Old and busted: The Tidepod Challenge; New hotness: Condom snorting

The funniest line in this whole story: “Doctors and school officials are now speaking out against the dangerous condom snorting challenge, and urging teens not to partake.”

Who is going to speak out to doctors and school officials about the nature of the teenage brain?

They don’t do it because they think it’s not insane. They do it precisely because they know it is. And that Tide Pod lameness was so last week:

From whence did this phenomenon come of teenagers acting like complete idiots? When did this start?

I suppose social media makes stuff like this spread faster – and probably flame out faster as well, since something new can come along on a moment’s notice – but it’s not as if we teenagers from the ’80s weren’t doing idiotic things in our bedrooms or in the backyard or wherever else we weren’t supposed to be.

I guess the difference is that we weren’t putting evidence of it in front of the entire world where everyone from our parents to “school officials” to oh-so-concerned news anchors could see it, share it and tsk tsk about it.

Oh, it’s stupid. It’s beyond stupid. The people doing it are such easily led sheep that it’s hard to imagine them being able to handle an independent decision more complicated than, “Should I breathe right now?”

I hope the teens who are doing this on YouTube and hoping it will enhance their social cred are prepared for the disappointment when it doesn’t, because that sort of thing never does. And I hope they don’t choke in the process.

The one silver lining here is that, for a teenager, the only thing that might be worse than this would be the use of a condom as intended.

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