Apparently this person exists, is called ‘she’, has HIV and is an entertainer of some note

If you’ve never heard of Conchita Wurst, I’m sorry to take that happy fact away from you. I can be a real jerk like that.

But sometimes I think that we as humans have a duty to tackle basic questions such as:

What on Earth is this?

If you watched that, I know, you’re mad at me for tempting you with it, aren’t you?

Maybe most Americans have never heard of “her” either.  Conchita, if that is really his/her/its name, is in the news today as a result of being HIV-positive, which I guess is no less shocking than the mere existence of this person.

I suppose this is where some of you are going to jump all over me for “hating” Mr./Ms. Wurst, and tell me that’s not what Jesus would do or whatever. Except that I’m not hating, or even criticizing, so much as I’m marveling at the cultural phenomenon that is . . . whatever this is – and what it says about where we stand culturally.

Let me put it in this context: Remember Culture Club? Featuring Boy George, who made an effort to look like a woman and honestly did a pretty good job of it? I actually kind of liked them.  Here, in my estimation, is their best work:

Boy George was unquestionably one of those cultural figures who challenged norms, and there were certainly reasons for Christians to have issues with the way he did so.

But everyone knew what Boy George was: A man trying to look like a woman. Everyone talked about it, debated it and, in the case of many people, criticized it. He had his defenders too, of course.  But no one felt obliged to pretend it wasn’t unusual.

In the case of Conchita Wurst, everyone has to pretend there is nothing unusual about what you’re seeing, but the gender-bending drivers of modern culture not only demand your acceptance, they also demand your complete fealty to the idea this sort of thing is not even remarkable. If you even treat it like it’s kind of different, you will be pilloried and destroyed.

You must call Conchita “she.” You must act like the combination of the beard and the evening gown is as ordinary as a dude in blue jeans. No variance from this orthodoxy will be permitted!

You know darn well that “Conchita Wurst” is a freak show, but you must keep it to yourself. In fact, if you know what’s good for you, you’ll retrain your mind to stop even thinking there’s anything weird about it.

Thoughtcrimes are very serious.

Anyway, I pray that this person’s health will triumph, and this his/her/its assault on clear and obvious truth will fail. And ultimately that God will deliver him/her/it in Jesus’s name from whatever is going on here.

Which is perfectly normal!

Isn’t it?

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