Oh great: More panicky nonsense about how ‘science’ says diet soda will kill us

The same society that is falling all over itself to legalize marijuana – on the glorious grounds that it’s “less harmful than alcohol” (there’s an endorsement if I’ve ever heard one) – has today dived headlong into the latest idiocy about the deathly consequences of drinking soda pop with artificial sweeteners.

Get this: A drink with zero calories is going to make you fat. And give you diabetes! How’s this? Because it “kind of tricks the body”:

Compared to diets laden with sugar, which simply overpower the body’s ability to produce the regulatory hormone insulin, Hoffman said the artificial sweeteners may “kinda trick the body” into thinking it’s receiving calories when it ain’t, which can throw insulin levels out of whack.

The study speculates a disconnect between how much energy the body thinks it is metabolising, and how much energy it actually is metabolising, may cause cells to seek energy from alternate sources like the protein found in muscle tissue.

That’s not ideal, and Hoffman said the tested “artificial sweeteners seem to exhibit negative effects linked to obesity and diabetes.”

What’s more is that acesulfame potassium appeared to accumulate in some of the rats’ blood systems, along with elevated levels of lipids and other fats.

The paper is being presented at the Experimental Biology 2018 conference in San Diego, where other experts will convene to discuss the issue. But Hoffman says much more research must be completed before a definitive verdict is handed down.

Despite the fact “most of these sweeteners were approved well before we had the technology to perform studies like my lab is doing,” Hoffman said it’s only when people “chronically consume” things like artificially-sweetened drinks that people should be concerned.

I would be happy to serve as their test subject, although they’re going to have to pay me. My time is worth too much to participate in this garbage without compensation.

First, if ever someone could be said to “chronically consume” diet soda, I’m your man. I’m 51 years old and I’ve been guzzling down Caffeine-Free Diet Coke for more years than I can remember. A day when I don’t have at least one is exceedingly rare. Two or three is a common event.

It is a wonderful beverage. I love it!

I’m also about the healthiest 51-year-old you’re ever going to meet. When I make that statement, it’s usually met with dire warnings not to take my good health for granted. But I’m not and I don’t. I’m simply telling you how it is right now. If artificial sweeteners in diet soda caused diabetes and obesity among chronic consumers, I’d be waddling around town and getting insulin via an IV tube.

I know. I could have a heart attack and die tomorrow. Anyone could. But as of this moment, thanks to God, I am extremely healthy, energetic and reasonably fit.

Now, about the claim that artificial sweeteners “trick the body” into thinking they’re getting calories when they’re really not, that is strictly theoretical and based on what they saw in a few rats.

Your metabolic rate has a lot more to do with your muscle mass and your level of activity than it has to do with liquids that someone theorizes might “trick the body.”  A lot of people who are trying to lose weight make the mistake of starving themselves rather than elevating their protein intake and reducing their fat intake. If you’re drinking diet soda to lose weight – and it’s part of a larger starvation strategy – you’re going to hurt your metabolism, but it’s not because of the artificial sweeteners in your diet soda. It’s because that weight you’re losing is muscle mass. If you kept the muscle mass and lost the fat, you’d improve your metabolism over the long term.

It takes longer to do it that way, but it works better and you’re more likely to sustain the weight loss.

Every six months or so, “science” comes out with another one of these idiotic stories about the theoretical dangers of artificial sweeteners, and it’s always based on theories and speculation like the one in this story.

The fact of the matter is that if you eat a healthy diet and exercise, drinking diet soda will do nothing to counteract those good efforts. If you eat like a pig and lay around, then think diet soda will make you lose weight, you’re in for a massive disappointment.

If there’s anything to this study, it’s correlation without causation. But more likely, there is none at all.

And as is always the case with these “studies,” which touch off social media warnings to people like me that we must ditch the diet soda or die, I will remain forever in my resistance.

Another Gold Coke please! What a wonderful drink.

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