‘God Friended Me’: Wait, a good show with Christian themes? On CBS?

Maybe. Maybe somewhat good. Maybe somewhat Christian.

I must admit I find the trailer kind of intriguing, and not just because Miles’s father is none other than Miles Dyson:

It reminds me a little of Oh God, the 1977 tilt in which George Burns as God pops into the life of an otherwise none-too-interested John Denver and tells him to spread the word that he’s still here and he still cares. For years, I thought it was a good idea to shave with cold water because of that movie. (It’s not.)

Brandon Michael Hall seems very intriguing in the lead, and I like the way they seem to be setting up the dynamic between him and Violett Beane as his seemingly reluctant compatriot in the quest for what’s really going on here.

My concern is that the secular writers will treat God the way they usually do: God becomes an ill-defined amalgam of what people would like Him to be, rather than the God of the Bible who seeks to redeem his creation through Jesus Christ. And God is heavy on the love and acceptance but light on the need for real repentance and submission.

I like the idea of a show that challenges skepticism of God rather than belief in Him, but the secular broadcast networks are historically bad at presenting God to us in a way that reflects His true nature. It could be that what we get is a very popular and well-done show that makes people re-think their skepticism about God, but doesn’t put God Himself in a very accurate light.

Would that be a win? My inclination is to say no, but we should give this show a chance and see what it does with the concept.

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