Bachelorette contestant getting destroyed for liking Instagram posts that violate the cultural orthodoxy

Nothing in this post should be construed as suggesting the Bachlorette is anything other than mind-numbingly stupid, not to mention representing all kinds of moral garbage in its own right. (And that goes for the Bachelor too.)

Having said that, Bachelorette contestant Garrett Yrigoyen is in the cultural hot seat today because the Thought Police now perform “deep dives” on your entire social media history. You don’t even have to have said anything. They’ll search what you’ve liked from others, and if it doesn’t conform to the cultural orthodoxy, you’ve had it.

Whoever Ashley Spivey is, she seems awfully proud of herself for her detective work:

So the guy liked a stupid post about “crisis actors” and a bunch of off-color jokes that offended Ashley Spivey’s political sensibilities, and for that he’s now the subject of a massive controversy, supposedly.

I really couldn’t care less who wins the Bachelorette, but I wonder how long the Gestapos of speech can keep doing things like this to people before there is a backlash against their behavior so severe that they actually feel the need to stop it. If we could really search the entire life history of everyone, we could surely find something in each closet that could be used as a pretext for public shame and condemnation.

It’s the call-out culture, and it’s got people tearing each other down from the safety of their keyboards and their mobile devices.

Have you thought a wrong thought? Have you liked someone else’s wrong thought?

We will find you.

I suppose I’ve already given them all the ammunition they need between this site and Herman’s. I’m pretty much screwed.

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