CrossFit fires its spokesman, and CEO tells him to ‘shut the f— up’, for pointing out that pride is a sin

Of course, this happened in the context of a gay “pride” event. And if you’ve also noticed the deeper meaning of the connection between Proverbs 11:2 and Romans 1:27, well then CrossFit CEO Greg Glassman probably wants you to shut the f— up too!

And yet the guy who’s now lost his job, Russell Berger, said what he said in support of an action taken by a CrossFit gym, probably thinking that as the spokesman for CrossFit, that was his job. Nah. Corporate America will never reward you if you stand up for biblical principles, especially concerning sexuality, because corporate America is scared to death of the activists who will paint targets on them if they do.

Here’s what happened:

A CrossFit gym in Indianapolis was going to hold an event focused on “gay pride,” but cancelled the event. Berger, who is a Christian, tweeted in support of the CrossFit gym’s decision. He deleted his tweet when he started catching heat for it, but here’s a screen shot of it:

Is it really true that the LGBTQ ideology is intolerant toward any alternative views?

Er . . . looks like it:

It’s not as if Berger simply went off on gay people in general. In fact, he did the opposite:

Berger had also said, “The tactics of some in the LGBTQ movement toward dissent is an existential threat to freedom of expression.” In response to a Twitter user who pushed back, he wrote, “Thankfully I work for a company that tolerates disagreement. I have homosexual coworkers who I love and respect, and as far as I am aware, they aren’t demanding I be punished for my views.”

Yeah, well, he spoke too soon. CrossFit has no more courage than any other corporation under siege on Twitter, which will brook no dissent from the orthodoxy – especially when it references biblical truths.

And oh yes, pride is called a sin for a reason. It’s haughty, self-involved and corrupt. If you know how to listen to the Spirit, you can easily discern it at any “pride festival” going on in or around your town. Berger’s statement has the full backing of God’s Word, but not the CEO of CrossFit and not the Twitter mob.

I’d say Berger’s in good shape here.

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