VIDEO: Jennifer LeClaire destroys the nonsense that spiritual warfare isn’t necessary

Shortly after I published Powers and Principalities (which if you don’t know, is about a guy who can see demons with the naked eye), I appeared on a Christian radio program to talk about the book.

The host, who is a good guy I still talk to sometimes, was a pastor and was clearly of the bent that finds talk of spiritual warfare overwrought. He asked me if I’m the type of guy who “thinks there’s a demon under every rock.”

Well. That’s an awfully loaded question, isn’t it? It clearly implies that people who are focused on spiritual warfare are fanatical extremists. My reply is that I believe the Bible. I believe demons are real because the Bible says they are, and that they operate exactly the way the Bible says they operate. I believe that when you look around at everything that’s happening in the world today, you’d have to be insane not to think we should consider the spiritual/supernatural underpinnings of all this.

And yet if you spend time in most Christian churches, you hear little or nothing about the battle against demonic powers. In some cases, I think the pastors genuinely don’t understand the topic and don’t know how to teach it. In others, I think they realize there’s something to it but they think their congregations will freak out if they start telling them about the reality of demonic influence in their own lives. So they stick to what people are comfortable with.

And of course, there are those like John MacArthur who basically reject everything that concerns the supernatural and our engagement with it.

What we’re left with is a lot of Christians who think that as long as they just “turn their eyes upon Jesus and look full in His wonderful face”, everything else will somehow take care of itself, and there’s no sense dwelling on that which is dark or negative or icky.

This is one of the reasons I love Jennifer LeClaire. She is a very anointed woman who understands that while we absolutely must worship Jesus and focus on Him, we are in a spiritual war and Jesus Himself commands us to approach this war like that’s exactly what it is.

In this video, Jennifer takes on directly the nonsense that there’s no need to concern ourselves with spiritual warfare. If you want to skip to the meat of it, it starts around 6:45:

I’ve shared my own extensive thoughts on this topic here, so check them out if you’ve become a reader of this site since then.

What makes Jennifer’s teaching so powerful is that a) she always backs it up with Scripture; and b) she’s not denying the power of any of the things more traditional Christians do. Of course you should worship Jesus, she emphasizes, because He’s the authority.

But Scripture is filled with references to spiritual darkness and how it impacts our lives. Why are not taught regularly about these things? When you look at everything that goes on with people – their issues, their anger, their self-loathing, the perpetually repeated cycles of bad habits – why would you not want to explore a spiritual source? And the best thing of all is that, once you understand how to operate in the authority of Christ, you’ll find that actually can get on top of these things and triumph over them.

Jennifer can be a little hard to keep up with because she talks fast and she sometimes uses rather high-brow theological language, but it’s worth the effort. She really understands this stuff and she has a lot of knowledge to share about how we can win the battle Jesus Himself told us we are in.

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