Actor Nick Offerman: Hey teens, go to a church, find a Christian girl and take advantage of her pent-up desire so you can get some action

I think this one pretty much speaks for itself. If you’re one of the people who thinks it’s hilarious and you’re laughing along with it . . . OK, the culture had no trouble assimilating you.

My issue is really not with the behavior of the 16-year-old Nick Offerman. Many a 16-year-old male would behave in exactly the same manner – those in church and those not in church – only to recognize later in life that the behavior a) required repentance; and b) had a defiling effect on the young woman involved.

But not present-day, 47-year-old Nick. He thinks it’s hilarious that he took advantage of the difficulty girls have in trying to stay pure, and recommends that present-day teenage boys do the same thing:

The clearly implied undertone of this whole thing is that holiness is a joke, and that the whole idea of keeping pure in the eyes of God is good for nothing but being lampooned.

I’m not sure he “became a born-again Christian for a girl” as the video title implies. He doesn’t really say that. He just says he went to church, met a girl who was trying to sustain her virginity, and saw a golden opportunity to take it away from her.

Even if the two of them were actually sincere in their prayers of repentance at the time, he clearly finds the whole idea of it ridiculous today – which brings about no objection whatsoever from Conan O’Brien.

So, newsflash, the entertainment culture has no regard for God. Yeah, you already knew that. But they weren’t always as open about it as this. That happened when they sensed the prevailing culture would mostly nod and laugh along at the lampooning of biblical sexuality, and that those who might object would be shouting from the fringes of society where no one would take them seriously.

And do you know why they think that? Because it’s true. What you see and hear in this clip – taking advantage of Christian girls for carnal pleasure and then laughing about it on national television – is now the mainstream. We are now the counterculture. I hope we do that as well as the hippies did, because for the moment at least, they and their notions of morality (or lack thereof) have completely won.

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