Canada prohibits Christian college from starting a law school, because that would harm the dignity of LGBTQ students

You might think the Canadian Supreme Court offered some other rationale for telling Trinity Western University it couldn’t start a law school. Surely it didn’t make this ruling on the express basis of not wanting there to be a law school that upholds Christian values. Surely there’s a more conventional reason, and Trinity Western is just projecting the anti-Christian bias.

Because they wouldn’t really say that . . . would they?

Yes. They would. And they did, as university president Bob Kuhn explains:

In 2012 Trinity decided to open a law school. It would have been the only private one in Canada and the only one to offer a specialty in charity law. It was an arduous task from the beginning. Three provincial law societies—similar to state bar associations in the U.S.—said no in March 2014. Everyone agreed that Trinity’s program met all the requirements and would train competent lawyers. But law societies across the country held public meetings during which Trinity’s students and faculty were called bigots and worse.

The Law Society of Upper Canada, the nation’s oldest and largest, told the high court in Ottawa during oral arguments on Nov. 30, 2017, that accrediting any “distinctly religious” organization would violate the Canadian Charter, which is similar to the U.S. Bill of Rights. It added that when the government licenses a private organization it adopts all its policies as its own. If these arguments had been accepted, they would have spelled the end of Canada’s nonprofit sector. In their zeal to root out the supposed bigotry of traditional religious believers, these lawyers were prepared to dynamite Canada’s entire civil society.

Thankfully the court passed over some of our opponents’ more extreme arguments. Instead, on June 15 it ruled that making Trinity’s faith-based community standards mandatory could harm the dignity of members of the LGBT community who attend Trinity. The majority of the court concluded that this potential dignitary harm to future LGBT law students was “concrete,” while the infringement on Trinity’s religious liberty from refusing to accredit its qualified law program was “minimal.”

I’ve been telling you this for some time now. This is part of the same phenomenon we see with civil rights actions against Christian bakers, florists and photographers who don’t want to participate in gay “weddings”. Homosexuality is being used to make the Bible-based practice of Christianity a de facto illegal act. You can’t preach that homosexuality is a sin. You can’t lead people to deliverance from it, because that’s “conversion therapy” or whatever they call it.

Now Canada won’t let a Christian university start a law school, because while Christianity may not be illegal per se, its teaching on homosexual sex has the effect of being bigoted, discriminatory or whatever. And the Law Society of Upper Canada went so far as to straight-out argue any “distinctly religious” law school would violate the Canadian Charter for this very reason.

And the Canadian Supreme Court agreed.

This is how all legal attacks on Christianity are going to work. They won’t prohibit you from going to church or reading the Bible, but they’ll attack you for everything from your tax status to your dealings with customers in a private business to the doctrine you might want to employ in starting an educational institution. You can believe the Bible, but just about every real-life application of what it teaches will be called discrimination because it infringes on the lifestyle someone wants to live.

And in Canada, they’re not even hiding it anymore.

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