Pastor Matt Brown on how drugs and alcohol empower the demonic spirit of Pharmakeia

Why yes, alcohol and drugs do make you susceptible to demonic influence. I don’t even see why this need to be explained to people. When you’re not in the soundest of mind, of course spiritual forces who troll your subconscious are going to be more effective at getting you to do things you would otherwise know better than to do.

But if you don’t believe me, maybe you’ll listen to Pastor Matt Brown.

I do have one quibble with him, though: If everything he says is true (and I presume he believes it all), then why would you have even one or two with dinner? Why go down that road at all?

I know, I know, “In all things moderation” say you and millions of other people for some reason.

But why even start in a direction that can’t lead you to anything good when there’s no reason whatsoever that you need to? Why have “one or two beers” instead of one or two sodas? What does that do for you that’s valuable or positive? If it’s really true that we have to stay at our absolute sharpest to avoid demonic oppression (and I agree with him that we do), then how is that a wise choice?

It’s not, and it’s too bad, because his teaching is powerful, but what he just let slip about his own personal life suggests he hasn’t quite worked out how to put into practice what he’s preaching.

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