Brandon Guyer fouled it back and y’all’s boy caught it. May 16, 2018.

Hi. It’s me, Dan, writing the About Me section. I thought about writing it in third person, as if some indentured servant wrote this to tell you all about me. That would have been pretty stupid.

So yeah, it’s me.

I’ve been a writer for as long as I can remember. It’s always been the one thing I knew I could do well. Not everyone else necessarily thought I did it well, although it seemed to me that most people did. But I knew I did it well. The problem for me when I emerged from Western Michigan University in the late 1980s was that there weren’t many writing jobs that paid very well. I could work for a local newspaper for less than $20,000 a year. Or I could try to apply my writing skills at a better paying job in government, marketing or whatever it is that corporations do.

I was either doing what I do well and earning plaudits from everyone, but scrimping for food and rent money, or I was eating well but well aware of the fact that I was mediocre in my profession. That sucked. And that was pretty much my life until around the time I turned 40, when I basically resolved that, one way or another, I had to devote myself to the one thing I knew I did really well – and find a way to make a good living at it.

When that finally worked was when I was able to combine some useful business experience with a growing understanding of how I could use modern technology to extend my reach and cut my costs – not to mention my versatility and my ability to do a lot of different writing for a lot of different people.

I haven’t had a real job in more than a decade. Not planning on getting one either. People pay me to write. It works out pretty well.

My work has been published in various and sundry publications, including DBusiness, Human Events, the Macomb Daily, the Grand Rapids Business Journal, Transport Topics, Pet Age, the Detroit News and Wyandotte Today.

In 2005, I had the bright idea to start a newspaper syndicate, selling the work of contracted columnists to newspapers across the country. Right around then, the newspaper industry began its irreversible collapse. So that didn’t work. But the venture did connect me to a certain gentlemen by the name of Herman Cain, whose column we syndicated throughout our entire run in the business (even up through his presidential campaign). Afterward, Herman asked me to run his media division. (If you really want to know, he flew me to Vegas and asked me to run his media division. I said yes. It was my only trip to Vegas. And I run it to this day.)

You can see my work and that of our other team members at

In 1987, I committed my life to Jesus Christ. I came to understand that He is Lord and that sin and death are under His authority, and that He holds the keys to Heaven. I came to understand that by repenting of sin, accepting His grace and living under His authority, I could also walk about in freedom from the oppression of sin and death.

The books I’ve written, which you can buy here (and please do) reflect my interest in telling stories about the real nature of sin and spiritual darkness, and the gritty truth about what usually happens when people endeavor to overcome these evils. I realize some people like sunnier, happier Christian stories. There are plenty of those out there. I hope you enjoy them.

I write stories like these instead.

My orientation is Pentecostal. I speak in tongues, I’ve helped deliver people from demonic oppression and I’m rather sensitive to the Holy Spirit.

I married my wife Angie in 1997, and we had our only child – our son Tony – in 2000. She is an editor. He is an actor. I am the beaming husband and dad.

I grew up in Royal Oak, Michigan, but spent more than 20 years in Grand Rapids because I met and married Angie there. In 2015, much to my delighted surprise, God’s leading took our family to Royal Oak, where it’s been an absolute thrill for me to once again enjoy my hometown, my old friends and the streets and neighborhoods that were always in my heart.

Angie and I are also working on a radical disruption of Christian entertainment. Keep an eye on that.

I’m a big fan of the Detroit Tigers, the Minnesota Vikings, police officers, Caffeine-Free Diet Coke and David Lynch films.

And if you’re hurting, heartbroken, sad, lonely or distressed, I care about you . . . and if you’ve read through all this, then consider yourself invited to contact me if you’d like to talk. Maybe I can help.